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Wiring and Panel Upgrade

If you have a 60-amp service in a huge house with many electrical demands, what is likely to happen?

If you use enough appliances at the same time, the total current draw through the red and/or black wires will exceed 60-amps and the main fuses or breakers will shut off the power.

There are certain issues surrounding smaller electrical services and perhaps most notable are the lifestyle restrictions it may impose for some people. If you have a 60 amp service this means you can only have a limited number of items “up and running” at one time without the main service becoming overloaded. Often, these smaller services have less branch circuits and distribution wiring too which can mean less receptacles available for your use a particular room or even throughout the house. When you consider certain appliances require their own dedicated circuits, for example, a stove at 40 amps, a clothes dryer at 30 amps, an air conditioner at 30 amps, a microwave a 15 amps, etc. you may find that a 60 amp service is not enough for your particular lifestyle. Even though there are dedicated circuits that doesn’t mean they use all the amperage all the time. For example, a 40 amp stove circuit is designed so that all the burners along with the oven, etc. can be on at one time. So, if you’re only using one burner, you won’t be using 40 amps but something far less.

Another item of note is that certain homeowner insurance providers may require a further inspection by the electrical utility authority in your area . They may determine that certain upgrades are required in your home, for example, to the service and / or electrical system to bring it up to a 100 or 200 amp service. In the event that you decline an Inspection by them, your insurance may be declined. Whether you have an inspection by them, or not, your homeowner insurance provider may request additional / higher premiums. Some insurance companies prefer to insure homes with updated wiring and/or services.