Proper maintenance of its electrical system is essential for the survival of any facility, as well as for preventing unexpected electrical interruptions.


We take hand of the maintenance, testing, repair, and/or replacement of the electrical systems and controls in modern industrial plants and  commercial buildings.

MINIELECTRIC prides itself in providing professional service, developing close working relationship with the customers. Working together to assure an efficient, trouble free Electrical installation.


Electrical Installations

   Energy Saving Lighting

   Motor and Motor controls

Electrical Maintenance

   Troubleshooting and Repairs

   Replace Lamps and Ballasts                                 

Miscellaneous Maintenance              

Replacing photo electric controls (PEC)

Replacing lamps

Removing and replacing fixtures 

Replacing fuses

Resetting breakers

Checking lights

Our services also include:

Re-lamping, Re-ballasting



Metal halide & high pressure sodium systems

Incandescent systems

Troubleshooting wiring